To get the treatball rolling, this SPOTlight features the sister creators of paws4pups: trixie, dusty, velvet and buffy!
(as written by our best friend, K, who loves to brag about us)

We (K and A, the pups' best friends) had a happy home, yet something was missing. One day, we went to the humane shelter, just "to look". I knew I had enough love to give to another, and as soon as we saw Trixie, our hearts melted. She was a chow mix, just three months old at the time and went home with them the same day they all met. A trip to Petsmart was in order, as we had no supplies on hand to take care of her. Life was fantastic! She was housebroken so easily it was a miracle, only one accident the first day and it never happened again! *whew!* Trixie went to puppy school and graduated tops in her class. She learns things very quickly and is regarded as a godsend. She keeps me company, protects me whenever the postman comes by, and always loves unconditionally.

But then after awhile, Trixie got a bit lonely and wanted another her size to play with. Along came two month old Dusty, a beagle mix, also from the humane shelter. Her coloring and personality reminded us so much of Trixie, we adopted her. Worry about whether the two would get along did not last. They instantly became loving sisters. As Trixie taught Dusty "the ropes", Dusty got Trixie to be more sociable and friendly to others. She enrolled into preschool, to learn the same good things as her sister. She was a bit more difficult to housebreak but finally, she too, learned. Being a sprite, Dusty tends to stir things up, pawing at things she wants, or just to get attention.

After a month, K and A went on a hotair balloon ride. On the side of the road, abandoned for days, was a tiny black two month old velvety pup (hence, her name of Velvet), starving, covered with fleas, ticks and worms. We were going to take her to the shelter, but instantly fell in love with her as fast as we had fallen in love with trixie and dusty. After Velvet was taken to the doctor and cured of her illnesses, she quickly adapted to our loving home. So now another addition was made to the paws4pups family, all three females. Velvet grew rather quickly, unfortunately, she has yet to learn that eighty-five pounds does NOT a lap dog make!

Now, it's come to my attention I have yet to add on our last but certainly not least, beautiful bouncy addition to our howling family. Buffy, also a chow mix, we found outside of A's old storefront one day, in downtown Beaumont. It was not a nice place for her to live and after giving her a treat or two, she befriended us. Not feeling we had enough room to take her in, we tried again to go to the shelter. We wanted to pay them the $40 adoption fee so that a loving family wouldn't have to bear that cost. That's how much we wanted her to have a good home. While sobbing, the people at the shelter began laughing and making fun of Buffy, stating that she would have to be put to sleep because they could smell the mange on her. I did not take this lightly and couldn't believe how cruel they were. I was not going to let my beautiful Buffy be put to sleep, nor subject her to these nasty taunts any longer. We decided we HAD room for her in our home! After taking her to the doctor twice, her mange was cured, as it was not contagious. Had there been employees at the shelter that had any sense and decency, they could have found that out for themselves. I guess we were meant to have Buffy in our lives because I am so happy to see her bright bouncy furriness every day of my life! And I wouldn't trade her for the world. But funny how we *did* adopt Dusty from the same shelter and she had mange from there, even though we got that cured too... strange, huh?


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