~ by Trixie ~

SIT - Make certain you pay attention to your best friend. When they say "Sit," that means you place your hind section down onto the ground. To get you to learn this faster, they will guide your back legs to bend forward, causing your bottom to lower. Once you catch on that this is what they want, this command is very easy to do and you get treats for doing well too!

DOWN - Again, always pay attention to your best friend, they are doing this to reward us with love and treats. "Down," means they want you to go from a "Sit" position to place all of your legs onto the ground. Just lower your front legs and you are instantly in "Down" position. If you need help, your best friend will gently tug your front legs in front of you, guiding you into the position. Again, this is a very simple, basic command. And again, you get tons of treats and get to see your best friend's eyes light up when you do this when asked.

CONTINUOUS ONLINE TRAINING - After paddling my way on the internet, here is a fantastic site for getting trained at home! Your best friends can get free lessons emailed to them weekly and they make sense! It's called "The Dog Skills Academy Newsletter" Sign your best friend up now and you will be surprised at how much you can learn!

That's it for now, friends! I'll come up with some new tips and tricks soon!
~ Trixie ~

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